Founded by three pioneers
in their 70s. Suffice it to say,
they knew a thing or two
about aging.

NASA chemist Phil Birbara had helped crack the code on creating drinkable water and breathable air to help humans survive in space. But his real dream? Finding ways to help aging adults survive better here on Earth. He wanted to help people live healthier, longer.

“Time waits for no one.”
But he wondered what if it could wait for you?

Which is when his physician brother Charlie Birbara and business-visionary Milt Peterson challenged Phil to turn his good science and good will into good medicine.

And Vizuri was born.

From a scientist ahead of his time: Medicine that’s time has come.

Working 19 hours a day with nature’s own anti-pain and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Phil knew he could put nature’s own magic to work in more effective ways. Some say he was driven by insatiable curiosity and scientific rigor. Others say it was his youthful spirit. The fact is, Phil pushed himself to find ways to help make healthier aging a reality. And together with his partners, they did.

They believed your
best days are ahead.
And you’re entitled to
enjoy them.